Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The new ManCage male chastity - a review

At LockedUpLove, we are always on the lookout for new products in the field of male chastity. One of our suppliers is now offering a product called ManCage by Shots. What caught our eyes was the design of the cage - it appeared to be quite open in it's design and looked hygienically friendly. So we ordered one to evaluate it.

We found that this product comes from the Netherlands, which furthered our interest. The package arrived, and presents itself very nicely. It comes in three cage sizes in either black or clear.

However we were ultimately disappointed in the overall quality of the item.

The ring design is virtually identical to that of the CB6000 knock-offs, with the exception that the guide pins on base #1 are not secured in place. The rings themselves were exactly that of the knock-offs, with the channel around the flat sides of the ring, making it look like the letter H or an I-beam. This style of ring is typically found to be uncomfortable, or certainly less comfortable than the authentic CB-X rings. They were also not quite the same shape as the authentic model.

While the cage design was still appealing, it was secured to the ring assembly by (what would best be described as) a cheap luggage lock. The cage also has a "lip" extending over the head of the penis that caused some splattering during urination. Perhaps it was due to the size (or lack of same) of our tester. So despite the visual appeal of the cage, that too was a failure.

The manufacturer's website is http://mancagebyshots.com/. A lot of glitz, but not much in the way of information. There was no warranty information to be found, and apparently they do not sell replacement parts.

The ManCage is fairly priced at about $60, but lockeduplove.com will not be selling them at this time due to concerns around quality, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

We welcome your questions and comments about this item. Thanks for reading!

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